Gazebo Wedding Information

DONATION:  A $200.00 tax deductible donation is obligatory for use of the Gazebo.

An additional per person donation is compulsory for wedding ceremonies.

Up to 50 guests        ~    an additional $100.00    ~    Total $300.00
51 - 100 guests        ~    an additional $200.00    ~    Total $400.00
101 - 150 guests      ~    an additional $300.00    ~    Total $500.00
151 - 200 guests      ~    an additional $400.00    ~    Total $600.00
201 - 250 guests      ~    an additional $500.00    ~    Total $700.00

  We can accommodate up to 250 guests.

INCLUDED: Besides the Gazebo, we have a Victorian Bride’s Room adjacent to the Gazebo in Ruby's House, which provides a beautiful place for you and your bridesmaids to prepare for your event.  The walls are trimmed with pink flowers, the windows are adorned with white lace curtains,  it has a full length mirror, dressing table,1/2 bath and plenty of room.  For pictures of the Gazebo and Dressing room click here.

SPECIAL OPTIONS  -  A beautiful replica of a 17th Century Vis-a-Vis White Horse Drawn Carriage is available for your use for a donation of $75.00.  The carriage will make the most beautiful and memorable wedding photographs!  

ALSO AVAILABLE - A complete sound system with mike for your ceremony or music.  Please ask for more details.

BOOKING: If you book over the phone, or Internet, we will pencil you in for up to 15 days and will confirm upon receipt of your application and payment.

CANCELLATION:  A 30 day cancellation notice is required to obtain a refund.

LODGING:  There are several very nice bed & breakfasts and motels within five minutes of the Gazebo.  (Links coming soon!)

DECOR: Many wedding groups chose to keep the flowers and decorations very simple and let nature be the star.  Around the base of the gazebo are seasonal flowers and roses and other local plants and flowers surround the seating area. Creativity and grand style are also available from one of our local florists.  Many have rental programs for potted plants and will take care of the exterior décor.  (Links for florists coming soon!)

YOUR CLERGY / OFFICIANT: You may provide you own clergy to perform your marriage vows.  If you you would like to contact a local clergyman you may call Don Aronson at 805.544.4504 or email him at

TRANSPORTATION –  There are several rental car agencies, buses and taxi services available in the area.

PAMPER YOURSELF – Just minutes away your can find wonderful day spas, hot springs and masseuses to  to soothe and relax you.  (Links coming soon!)

CATERING OPTIONS – You may cater your own, family style or hire the caterer of your choice.  (Links coming soon!)

THEMES - Let your imagination go wild!!!  Renaissance weddings, African weddings, Tails & Tennis Shoes, Victorian, Traditional, etc. No matter what you choose, it will be a pleasure for us!   We will work with you to give your wedding your own very special touch. 

ART EXHIBITS, RENEWAL OF VOWS, BIRTHDAYS and MEMORIALS -  The Gazebo is also available for these and other functions.  Please ask for more details.

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK and RESERVE YOUR WEDDING DATE -  Phone 805.473.5077  or complete our short  reservation form.   You will receive a confirmation within 7 to 10 days.





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